Work for the happiness of man

Artist: Walter Womacka
Completed: 1989
Address: Marzahner Promenade 40, Berlin, Germany

‘Arbeit für das Glück des Menschen’ (Work for the happiness of man), depicts a  man in working overalls as the producer of technology and culture. 

Despite the typical socialist theme, it is not strictly socialist realist in style, but rather has references to the classical modernism and figurative abstraction propelled by the likes of Fernand Leger and Henri Matisse. 

At the piece’s focal point, the worker pushes machine levers that are intricately connected to different aspects of life. To his left, there are motifs representing the spiritual elements of nature and creativity; the sun, a guitar, rainbows and books. Further towards the right, they blend with atoms, machines, and industrial elements. 

The mosaic was completed a year after its counterpart ‘Peace’, in 1989.